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The following pricing is based on regularly groomed dogs  and includes nail trimming.

Additional costs apply for the extra time needed to cater for matting, heavily soiled coats, nervous/ excitable/ aggressive behaviour

Expert Grooming & Premium products used

All inclusive of VAT

Large or dogs with a very thick coat can take quite a long time to groom, therefore are priced accordingly

Breeds who typically need haircuts can have a ‘Mini Groom’ in between the ‘Haircut/ Full Groom’ to maintain their style and most importantly, keep those tangles/ matting away

The Mini Groom includes the following and is recommended regularly to maintain a tangle free coat in between haircuts:

Bath (shampoo & condition)

Facial & Ear Cleanse

Warm Blow Dry  - fluff up (by hand)

Brush/ Comb

Pawdicure - Nails (trim & file)

Hygiene Trim (Face, Feet & Bottom Tidy)

The Full Groom/ Hair Cut includes the following:

Bath (shampoo & condition)

Anal Glands (on request) 

Facial & Ear Cleanse (hair plucking on request)

Warm Blow Dry – fluff up (by hand)

Brush/ Comb/ De shed

Pawdicure - Nails (trim & file)

Clipping & Scissoring

Styling to your requirement​

Hand stripping available on request @ 50 euro per hour T's & C's apply

Due to the extra time needed to deal with the following; additional charges apply; matting, overgrown coats, heavily soiled coats, a lot of undercoat, behavioural issue's,

parasites present and special needs.

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