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Canine First Aid Course


Our Canine First Aid Course is perfect for owners and professionals alike who want to be prepared should a pet need emergency treatment. Our course covers the most commonly faced canine needs such as how to treat injury, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR, hypothermia and much more.

A combination of theory and practical exercises, we aim to prepare you with the knowledge

required should you ever be faced with an emergency situation.

Understand the requirements of first aid, who can administer first aid and why first aid is important

Understand the Classification of Emergencies

Understand the examination of an injured animal

Understand the ABC of Canine First Aid and actions to take following the ABC assessment

Be able to put a dog in the recovery position and conduct dog resuscitation (CPR)

Be able to dress and treat wounds

Understand choking, stings and poisoning and be able to give the necessary treatment

Understand the signs. and treatment of hyperthermia, and a dog who has drowned.

Understand the signs and treatment of a dog having a convulsion

Understand different types of burns

Understand what is required in a pet first aid kit and how to communicate in emergency situations

Our course is accredited through the Open College Network West Midlands and each student will receive a recognised certificate for their learning.

You will learn skills that can save lives. Need we say more?

Call us or visit our Instagram & Facebook pages to find out our next course dates.

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