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If you feel your dog has what it takes to be a 'Doggie Model' for our students please let us know!

All students who attend our Grooming School will be fully supervised at all times by our professional team so you can be assured that your dog will be well looked after and treated like a very important pooch

Our students need to take their time to carefully practice their skills so your dog will need to stay with us for the day or the majority of (depending on their size and style required). They will be given lots of rest, water and toilet breaks and most importantly lots of snuggles

Your dog will leave looking as if they have been groomed by our senior staff as towards the end of the groom a quality check is performed where any unfinished and uneven areas are neatened up

If you are an existing customer and would prefer your dog to only be groomed by

our senior staff please just say so when booking in and we will ensure they are solely pampered

by our senior stylists

Please note your dog must display a calm behaviour throughout the whole grooming process and attend regularly

We cannot always guarantee we can allocate a student to your dog but you will be informed

of this when booking in


We offer a reduced rate for Doggie Models!

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