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Nail Maintenance


We recommend regular nail trims and to start from puppyhood. If not trimmed regularly from an early age the blood vessel in the nail grows within the nail resulting in the possibility of bleeding nails during an attempt to cut length off. A consequence of long toenails is painful feet & joints. When a dog’s toenails contact hard ground, like a pavement or your kitchen floor, the hard surface pushes the nail back up into the nail bed. This either puts pressure on all the toe joints or forces the toe to twist to the side. Either way, those toes become very sore, even arthritic. When the slightest touch is painful to your dog, he will fuss when you pick up his paw to cut nails. This is why it essential to have dogs nails clipped regularly from puppyhood. The longer you leave it to start clipping the nails the longer the quick will grow, making it very difficult to take much length off.


If nails have reached this uncomfortable lenght through not starting to clip the nails from a young age or leaving it too long in between nail clipping you can reverse this. The good news is that this quick can be receded with weekly nail trimming and filing until the nails

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