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A very common canine health issue is gum disease. There is a great product to available to purchase from Canine Creations Dog Day Spa called Canident - Irish made/ chemical free and 100% money back guarantee!!!

Believe me, it works! I wouldnt promote products that I have not put to the test, as I have been mislead many times in the past.


Did you know that bad teeth can cause all sorts of problems as well as huge discomfort for your pet.


The facts

The cause of bad breath in dogs (halitosis) is the very same as it is in humans, and that is largely poor dental hygiene and diet

9/10 dogs have some form of gum disease by three years of age.

9/10 are eating a very poor diet of cheaply produced food

9/10 vets only recommend dry food as a suitable food substrate for dogs.

Average cost at Vet for teeth cleaning is €200!!



The majority of bad breath in dogs is brought on by eating the wrong diet and your dog not receiving meaty bones a couple of time a week…

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