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The Truth About Matting

Please take care to comb your dogs coat daily, making sure you get right down to the root as this is

usually where the matting starts.

Tangles, knots and matting are a serious problem and can be detrimental to your dog’s well-being. Many owners do not understand how miserable this condition makes their dog. Often people obtaining a new dog are not aware of how much time and care is required to properly maintain their chosen breed.

Matts are caused by the tangling of the hair. Tangling occurs in dogs the same way it occurs in our hair. If not thoroughly brushed and combed on a regular basis the hair will tangle after a few days. Tangles if not carefully combed out clump together forming matts. Trying to comb out matts causes extreme pain for your dog and so clipping/ shaving your dog’s hair short is the only way to comfortably remove matting.

Your dog’s skin can become very sore and irritated under a matted coat. Eye infections, ear infections, skin infections and trapped parasites are often associated with matted, overgrowth coats. By clipping your dog’s hair short the skin will once again be able to breathe properly and heal itself. In severe ‘matting’ cases the blood circulation is cut off from the skin. When the matting is clipped away your dog may experience a ‘pins and needles’ sensation as the blood rushes back to the skin. This may cause your dog to act funny. They may rub around, scratch, shake their head or hide away. This sensation will pass and its best to act very positively towards your dog to encourage them to feel happy and not frightened by the sensation they are feeling.

The good news is once the matting is clipped away and the skin recovers, a new healthy growth cycle will begin. The best way to encourage this new hair to develop into a healthy coat is by supporting it with a regular professional grooming program.

At Canine Creations Dog Day Spa we use premium Aloe Vera based shampoo and conditioners which encourages healthy hair growth by keeping the hair shaft fully hydrated. With regular visits (2-6 weekly) we can scissor & shape your dog’s coat into a beautiful long style as seen in the photo’s below…

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