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Frequently Asked Questions and T's & C's 

Are you qualified?

All the team at Canine Creations hold an Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. We have over 30 years experience between us all. Cathy Bruen, Proprietor, Head Groomer and Grooming Tutor is an International Certified Master Groomer through IPG (USA) and has numerous certificates from other well respected International Grooming Associations - iPet Network/ Open College Network (UK), IGC (Australia), PIAA (Australia), AIPG (Australia). Cathy also holds a Level 3 Award in Education and Training.


How often should I have my dog groomed?

Dog grooming is an essential service. In line with the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013, regular grooming appointments help prevent unnecessary suffering; skin infections and pain associated with soiled coats, matting and long nails. How often you should visit us depends on the breed of your dog. We recommend at least every 4-8 weeks for all breeds. Some coat types require more frequent visits. If you would like the welfare of your dog to be regularly monitored by our team frequent visits are a must. We will suggest to you how often your dog should come to us based on the style you require and how prone to matting their coat is. For dogs that have a coat that becomes matted easily - we will suggest 1- 6 weekly visits if you wish to keep their coat long. If you do not want to bring your dog this often then we would suggest a shorter style so you get longer out of it. Please do not ask us to dematt as this is asking us to inflict unnecessary suffering.


Effective from January 2024: To ensure optimal productivity and the well-being of your dog, we are requesting that clients attend on a regimented schedule of various time intervals depending on coat type. All silky, wool or mix of either coat type dogs must return at a maximum of 8 weekly otherwise double the charge will be applied for the amount of time needed to groom your dog. Again to maximise our productivity and to nurture the well-being of your dog we are no longer offering appointments to any clients with any dog with any coat type who wish to return more than 12 weekly.

Any dog that has a silky or wool or mix of either coat type to attend 4-6 weekly ideally but no more than 8 weekly sessions. Silky coats examples: Cockers, Cavaliers, Yorkshire, Setters, Maltese, Shihtzu… any mix of silky coats

Wool Coat examples: Poodle, Bichon, Cavapoo’s, Cockapoo’s, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Maltipoos.. any mix of poodle or Bichon coat


For clients with a dog that has a Wire or Double coat or mix of either coat type to attend 4-8 weekly ideally but no more than 10-12 weekly sessions. 10 to 12 weekly sessions are only suitable for hand stripped wire coats however we do believe your dog enjoys it more with 8 weekly sessions. Wire Coat examples: Irish Terrier, Border Terrier, Wire Haired Dachshund, West Highland White, Schnauzer

Double Coat examples: Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Husky, Collies, Chow Chow, Corgi’s


Please keep in mind the longer you leave it the harder the job becomes for us and your dog. We are in this business to provide a pleasurable experience for your dog and not to punish them

What is the difference between a mini groom and a full groom?

Both of these services include; shampooing, conditioning, brushing, combing, deshedding, feet, eye, bottom and private area trimming plus nail clipping. We take no length off during a mini groom. A full groom includes length off. The amount of length we take off during a full groom depends on the style you require and the condition of your dogs coat. A mini groom can only be done where there is no matting present.

How do I know if my dog is matted*? Your dog is matted if:

- You cannot part the hair to see their skin easily on every part of their body.

- You were unable to comb through easily everywhere on their body (right down to the root of the hair at the skin) without the comb getting caught. They may be matted if they have not been professionally groomed in over 4 -6 weeks or less with some coat types.

*Matting is very painful for your dog. Matting pulls the skin really tight restricting the blood flow to the skin which can have detrimental side effects. Matting can hide; unwanted parasites, trapped faeces & debris, embedded thorns & grass seeds, all of which may lead to skin infections. Please note the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

To prevent such matting from occurring regular appointments and daily combing are essential. We love our dogs and always want them to feel comfortable and happy. Severe matting needs to be removed with clipper blades and scissors having to go extremely close to the skin. This may result in your dog's skin being exposed. We make sure to take the time to do this as carefully as possible. Your dog's behaviour may delay the process. Please understand that it is quite a stressful situation to be in for the groomer & dog and adequate time needs to be allocated. Nicks and scratches to the skin can happen as depending on the severity of the matting as the blades must go very close to the skin, however we take this process very seriously and will do everything in our power to try to prevent this from happening.

A pins and needles sensation (blood rushing back to the skin) is felt by the dog after matting is removed often causing bruising to the skin. This feeling can cause your dog to act a little funny - dragging bottom, licking excessively, rubbing around, scratching and even hiding away in some cases. This sensation should go away with time so try to be as cheerful as possible letting your dog know that they will recover. We understand that if your dog has to be clipped short that their appearance may not be pleasing to the eye. Please refrain from acting disappointed or feeling that the dog 'looks awful'. If you feel bad they will feel bad. Yes they may look funny but I can assure you being clipped short is a lot more comfortable than carrying around heavy matting that causes them tremendous discomfort.

The condition of your dogs coat is your responsibility. If we have to clip your dog very short because of matting present please understand that it is the kindest thing to do for the dog. Regular visits, every 4-6 weeks are strongly advised so we can condition, brush and comb correctly stimulating the hair follicles to promote healthy hair regrowth. Remember even an inch of hair will matt if not looked after properly - Please see the Animal Health and Welfare Act.

In some cases where we feel it is not safe to groom your dog due to the severity of the matting or compacted undercoat, you will be advised to go to your Vet.

My dog needs to be hand stripped, can you do this?

Please note, dogs must have a suitable temperament, coat and condition for hand stripping. This method of grooming can be uncomfortable for some dogs - if this is the case we will suggest a different technique for your dog - (hand strip simulation through carding, clipping and scissoring). Hand stripping should be done on a 4-8 weekly basis ideally (no more than 12 weekly) but will depend on the individual coat, temperament and condition of the dog. Due to the time and skill involved, this method of grooming is more expensive than producing a clipped style.


How long will my dog need to stay with you for their groom?

Between 2 - 6 hours depending on the work involved.

We pride ourselves on providing a very gentle relaxing experience. Every dog will receive breaks in between bathing, drying, brushing, clipping, scissoring etc. Fresh water will be provided and toilet breaks are given. It is very important to us that your dog feels relaxed and enjoys their pampering.

Can I stay with my dog while you are grooming them?

For Health and Safety and Insurance reasons, we can not permit the owner to be present during the grooming process, (with the exception of nail trim only). It can be very distracting for the groomer and for the dog and so for safety reasons it is best for your dog to be left in our care.


My dog has a lot of dead undercoat/ knots/ matting but I don't want them to have to go short, can you

remove this without having to shave my dog?

Extensive dematting is not something we promote or offer as it can be a lengthy, stressful and painful process. Dogs will have to be clipped extremely short where heavy matting is present in the coat as this is the safest most pain free way of removing matting. Extra costs are associated with this depending on how long it takes. You can avoid your dog becoming matted with regular visits. Dogs with certain coat types, Poodles, Bichon Frise, Cavachons, Cockapoo's, Cavapoo's, Maltipoo's and all other breeds with a long coat should be professionally groomed at least every 4 - 6 weeks. This type of coat if not maintained properly can become matted very easily.


How much does it cost for you to groom my dog?

The final cost is dependent on the complexity of the groom and how long it takes.

The following determines the final cost;

The size of your dog

The weight of your dog

How thick their coat is

How long their coat is

How much undercoat they have

The condition of their coat

Their behaviour

What method/ style of groom you would like

Further details on pricing are outlined in the' Grooming' section of menu.

Can I bring my dog in just for a nail trim?

Yes you can. The average cost for a nail trim is 15 euro. A nail trim and file is 20 euro. (Add 5 euro for Large breeds). Filing the sharp edges after a nail trim is recommended and can help recede the quick (blood vessel), shortening the nail further.

If I am unhappy with the groom can you fix it?

We will always try our best to groom your dog exactly how you would like, however, the condition of your dogs coat will determine what is possible. Sometimes we may have to go shorter than you would like because of matting or knots in their coat. Brushing out matting causes stress and pain - Under section 12.1 of the Animal Welfare Act 2013, we are obliged not to cause unnecessary suffering and act accordingly when it comes to the welfare of the dog.

If you feel we did not take enough length off please let us know as soon as you pick up your dog or return your dog to us within 24 hours and we will be happy to go a little shorter.

How do I make an appointment?

We are currently very limited in terms of being able to take on new clients. Please fill out a New Customer Form and send a request for a booking in writing. We prefer to take bookings in writing only.... by text, email or whats app as our time is better spent on grooming. If we have an appointment available we will get back to you as soon as possible. We generally answer texts and emails from 9 - 5, Monday to Saturday.


We would advise, if you are happy with our work, to make your next appointment upon the collection of your dog. Due to our low volume policy, our schedule fills up quickly. By simply requesting to be put in the diary on an ongoing basis you will be locked in and wont have to worry about continually contacting us. If you chose not to rebook please understand that we may not be able to fit you in for a future booking when you next get in contact. You will be sent text reminders for your convenience (only available for our regular customers or those who rebook). Please note - It is your responsibility to remember your appointments. Our reminder texts may not always come through on your phone as some Networks from time to time block messages in a bid to prevent spam.

My dog is boisterous and may become aggressive, can you groom her/him?

We practice force free grooming. If your dog becomes extremely stressed or aggressive for any part of the grooming process we will not be able to cater for them. It is very possible that dog's behaviour can change from one appointment to the next due to but not limited to underlying health conditions or lack of adequate training. We have the right to refuse to groom your dog where they display aggression or stress that poses a risk on their or our health and well being. We will not put ourselves in danger of getting attacked or bitten. Although we offer a gentle approach, some dogs may not settle or co-operate. We will not force your dog through a process that causes them to become extremely stressed or aggressive (see Animal Health and Welfare Act). If you know your dog has aggressive tendencies, we would recommend that you take your dog to a mobile groomer where you could possibly help or to a Vet who has an in-house groomer. If in cases where we feel there is a chance to rehabilitate your dog we will ask that you return to us soon. Dogs who display difficult behaviour need to return to us within 4-6 weeks otherwise we can not facilitate them. 

If I need to cancel/ postpone my dog’s appointment what should I do?

We need a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations/ rescheduling to avoid fees associated with these actions. 'No shows' will not be tolerated and will result in permanent removal from our client list. We are also not able to cater for those who cancel or try to reschedule on a regular basis. We really do not have any time to waste due to our busy schedule.

Where there has been a cancellation/ rescheduling without at least 24 hours notice, you will need to pay for your missed appointment and we will need a non refundable deposit if a future booking is sought. This deposit will be subtracted from your next appointment.

Failure to pay fees associated with last minute cancellations will result in automatic cancellation of all future appointments. We are a small business with a low volume policy so appointments are precious. No shows or last minute cancellations/ rescheduling can really hurt a small business so please respect our policies. Thank you for your understanding


If you have a question that has not been answered here please feel free to contact us.




Kind and caring Dublin Dog Groomers
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