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Thank you for your interest in our services. We are currently experiencing a high number of requests for appointments and are now limited in terms of being able to take on new customers. Please note during busy times we may not be able to answer the phone, so please send a text, what's app or email. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we thank you for your patience.

Please fill out a new customer form and send your request for an appointment in writing either by email, text or whats' app.

We will reply to you as soon as possible, if we have an appointment available. The current wait time for an appointment is 6 weeks but is subject to change due to possible cancellations we may receive.

For insurance reasons, we will not be able to cater for your dog where a new customer form has not been submitted.


We encourage all our clients to rebook at least 2 more appointments after your visit to secure ongoing appointments. We have an automated text system set up so you wont have to continually contact us to make bookings - please request for this to be set up for you, thank you. Should you wish to reschedule an appointment please note we may not be able to fit you in again for several weeks, depending on how busy we are. With this in mind please give as much notice as possible.

Please make your bookings well in advance (at least 6 weeks) of your desired time and date. Upon collection of your dog please rebook.

24 hours notice must be given for rescheduling/ cancellations. If less than 24 hours notice is given and a future booking is sought, you must pay for your missed appointment and a 50% deposit is required for a new appointment.


Limited Availability!

Walk in Nail Trimming welcome (subject to how busy we are)

Nail Trim without filing 15 -20 euro

Nail Trim and File 20 -25 euro (depends on the size of the dog)

087 901 5530

Please book well in advance (at least 6 weeks before desired day/time) to avoid disappointment. 

24 hours notice must be given for cancellations and rescheduling - please note we may not be able to offer you another appointment

for several weeks during our busy periods

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